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The Empire Disney web series Cast | Release date

Here on, you will know about the Empire cast and release date.

The Empire is an Indian industry television and web series in the Hindi language. Basically, it is a series based on the incident history era. The creator of the movie is Nikkhil Advani. The Empire director is Mitakshara Kumar. The Empire is a series that is based on a novel name Empire of the Mughul by Alex Rutherford for Disney+Hotstar.

This season was premiered on Disney and also on Hotstar, the Empire cast and release date.

Story of The Empire

The story of the Empire is based on a novel name Empire of the Moghul which is written by Alex Rutherford. The story of the series is about to ascend and descend of the Mughal Empire which is starting from Babur.

In the Empire, there is a king name Umer Sheikh who died due to a certain cause, after the death of the king. His son Babur will be the prince after the early death of his father. Because he is not mature and nobody tells him how to rule, so his grandmother named Aisan Daulat Begum taught him how to rule.

When he now to rule, Babur started his campaigns for the defeat of North India and faced many problems, many betrayals, and do many tussles through his court members.

In the empire, Babur was defeated by Muhammad Shaybani Khan and as part of their after defeated deal to save Babur’s life, Khanzada sister of Babur had to marry Shaybani. Khanzada falls in love with Shaybani but she gives more priority to his brother and trick her husband and become a reason of Shayabani death.

After that Babur then travels to Hindustan, fights king Ibrahim Lodi in the battle of Panipat, and again raises the Mughal Empire.

The cast of the Empire

  • Shabana Azmi / Dawlat Begum.
  • Kunal Kapoor / Babur
  • Drashti Dhami / Khanzada Begum
  • Dino Morea / Shaibani Khan.
  • Aditya Seal / Humayun.
  • Akansha Sareen / Razia
  • Megha Kaul / Dildar Begum

Production and development of the Empire

The idea of the series name the empire was received by Nikhil Advani, accepted by him. He is an Indian movie maker and screenwriter.

Speaking of the empire, Advani said “What we know about the Mughal Empire is its men, but the highlight of the series is the active role women played in the backroom politics and manipulations […] Women had the remote controls.”

In Jaipur in February 2020 Principal photography took place. Due to Covid-19 in March 2020 the shoot was suspended and later resumed lockdown in September 2020.

After shooting a series chunk on sets the series moved to Wai, Maharashtra to recreate wilderness. A vast set for Uzbekistan was recreated in Mumbai.

The Empire has 8 Episodes in Season 1.

Release date of The Empire

The Empire premiered on 27 August 2021 on Disney+Hotstar. Also, the first teaser was released in July 2021 by Disney+Hotstar.

The Empire trailer was released in August 2021.

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