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Tabish Hashmi comedian is going to say his final goodbye to TBH.

TBH, This Show Wasn’t Created To Be Watched With Family. Tabish Hashmi is going to say goodbye to TBH.

Tabish Hashmi, one of Pakistan’s top comedians and presenter of TBH ‘To Be Honest,’ has revealed that his program was never intended to be a family show.

Tabish Hashmi

In an interview, Tabish Hashmi addressed claims that his program isn’t family-friendly, saying that he doesn’t see how people can conclude that TBH isn’t a family show based on only a few segments. That’s why Tabish Hashmi is going to say goodbye to TBH.

The concert, according to the comic, was not intended for families. “Basically, it was created for YouTube so that anyone could turn it on at their leisure; I’m not sure where the ‘Not for Family’ inquiry came from.”

Hashmi further stated that the comedy is completely unscripted. For him, the extempore show brought out his funny nature, and the show went viral in a matter of months.

“Also, let me tell you that the majority of my admirers are from the senior age bracket who come to me and say they watch my performances,” he stated. Many elderly ladies have informed me that I helped them overcome their despair.”

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