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Pashtoons are raising concerns about the cast and plot of Sang-e-Mah.

Although the first episode of Sang-e-Mah was well received, some Pashtoons are raising concerns of Sang-e-Mah.

Sang-e-Mah has finally aired, and most people have stated that they watched the episode just for Atif Aslam’s first performance in the drama series Sang-e-Mah.

Atif Aslam Sang e Mah

In terms of Atif Aslam’s performance, it has surely impressed netizens, who are all chanting Atif Aslam’s acting talents’ praises. People believe that Atif Aslam has performed much above and beyond their expectations.

People have been concluding since the first episode that Atif Aslam has actually done honour to his role, and his entrance is so memorable. Viewers have appreciated the tremendous performances of the whole group. The opening scene, which depicts a Sikh delivering his prayers, is regarded as the most daring way to begin a drama.

Zaviyaar Noman Son of Noman ijaz

This play could not impress the Pashtoon community as it moved closer to the Pashtoon audience. They are upset by the drama’s whole idea, characters, and plot.

They regard it as foolishness that is harming Pashtoon’s reputation. They believe that the fact that all of the performers are non-Pashtoon and use phoney accents is a negative thing. What was wrong with using Pashtoon performers in the show instead of ridiculing the accent?

Sania Saeed’s character is also being chastised for attempting to depict a violent and terror-filled Pashtoon society. Our Pashtoon brothers are upset to see that these shows instil fear in the hearts of viewers regarding Pashtoon.

They have begged the authorities to prohibit these plays from erasing their identities. Here are some of the responses. Take a look at these.

From Atif’s performance to the Pashto accents: Here’s some Pashtoons that are raising concerns of Sang-e-Mah Twitter.

Sang e mah

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