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7 Best Alternative of “Stranger Things”

7 best alternative to Stranger Things. First, we know what is Stranger Thing is about. Stranger Thing is about a small village or a town in the era of the ’80s that is cursed by some paranormal power that is from parallel words.

The supernatural activity is known when a child vanishes from the scene and then investigation follows. Stranger Thing is Netflix’s original season. The total seasons are 4. If you love to watch Stranger Things, then you also want to watch a similar season. 7 best alternative of Stranger Things is as given below.

1.     Riverdale

Riverdale is included in the 7 best alternatives of Stranger Things. The Riverdale is about the story of teenagers, which are caught in the supernatural activity of monsters.

A group of teenagers which is killed by supernatural monsters and the member of other group mates has to investigate the cause of their friend murder and they find the paranormal activities. Riverdale is full of suspense, romance, relationship things, and tragedies.


7 best alternative of Stranger Things includes Black Mirror. Black Mirror is the season, in which every season contains another story.

Black Mirror is full of sci-fiction. Every season contains another sci-fi story. It is very similar to Stranger Things. The Riverdale consists of many mind-blasting scenes.

3.     Westworld

Westworld includes the 7 best alternatives of Stranger Things. Westworld is based on a story that is close to the future. The world where everything exists and everything is possible.

In that futuristic era theme parks have been created in which people visit and watch what is doing in near future. The main purpose for which people visit is humanoid robots, who act and talk like just humans. But most of the people just harassed the humanoid robots and unfortunately murder them.

But then one of the hosts aka humanoid robots feels the harassment and starts an ultimate fight between humans and the host.

Westworld is mostly similar to Stranger Things and full of sci-fi. It is very scary if you think robots rule mankind.

4.     Humans

7 best alternative of Stranger Things includes Humans. The story is about of era where Human robots are going to takes place of Mankind. Human bots are used as servants of humans.    

Human bots are used as servants they work cleaning and washing, working everything which falls in Household work. The masters of the one human bot also done romance with the bot.

The story turns into a different angle when some of the Human bots caught feelings for themself that what they are doing. So then they make other Human bots like them. Humans are the season in which they show the world in which human bots are more capable than humans.

5.     Rim of the World (movie)

7 best alternative of Stranger Things also includes Rim of the World, which is a movie and not a season. But the Rim of the world is still the best movie similar to Stranger Things.

The story of the movie is also about a sci-fi adventure with kids. The kids come to a summer camp who come in their summer vacation but they did not know that some big danger is waiting for them. The kids in the movie are stuck in summer camp because of aliens that come on the Earth and wanted to remove all mankind.

But then these kids however successful in saving the planet Earth with General of America who helped them in saving the Planet Earth. This is a movie similar to Stranger Things.

6.     Bloodline

7 best alternatives of Stranger Things in which Bloodline is also included. Bloodline starts from follows an old-fashioned American family. This family has their own business that is running in their family.

The business is about the quaint inn as their family business for quite some time. The men in this American family are well known for their high rage and too much alcohol drinking habits.

The American family women are conniving and less than that of men when it comes to creating a disturbance. This thing is unknown that what crimes have been doing.

7.     Sense 8

Sense 8 is also included in the 7 best alternatives of Stranger Things. Sense 8 is a Hollywood science fiction series air on Netflix official. After great success in season one Lana create season 2 on the demand of fans.

The story of Sense8 begins when a girl named Angelica commits suicide in order not to be captured by a person named “Whispers” “gives birth” to a psychological union of eight strangers from different walks of life from completely different parts of the world.

Eight learn that they have formed a group of “senses”, groups of people who are psychologically and emotionally connected and who feel and interact with one another and share their knowledge, language, and skills.

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